7 Tactical Ingredients That Compound to Double Your Profit

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An open letter to entrepreneurs and small business owners,

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

Most small business owners make less than an entry level manager of a large corporation. I'm talking net, in your pocket, so you can pay for t-ball and dance lessons.

I believe that small to medium businesses (SMB's) are the backbone to the economy, ALL economies around the world. And it's my mission to help them succeed!

According to the Small Business Association, in the U.S., the average SMB makes 7% net profit. SAY WHAT?

Example, if your business does $1 Million in gross revenue, the average net profit, after all expenses is a measly $70k. That's not a lot for how hard you work, the hours you put in and the stress you take on. Unfortunately less than 10% of SMB's make over 10% net profit! Hopefully that's you... even so, I'm sure you'd still like to increase your profit. Either way, you have come to the right place.

You can double your profit without spending more money on marketing and without working any longer or harder. *In fact, I guarantee it.

No, this isn't some get rich scheme or voodoo magic. It's simply math.

Everyone says "work smarter", but they don't tell you how. The PROSPER Formula is exactly how to work just a little smarter in your business to massively increase your bottom line. All you have do is take the 7 ingredients, the seven business metrics that run your business, (I use the acronym PROSPER in the Formula because it conveniently has seven letters), change the input in at least 4 of the 7 by 5%, and you double your profit.

I realize math isn't an exact science, but if it was, through the power of compounding, you could double your profit in 60-90 days.

Obviously I'm joking about math not being an exact science... because it is. Math IS exact, and if you follow the formula you will get the exact same answer every time. That's precisely how I can guarantee you will double your profit, IF you follow the formula. The PROSPER Formula.

I hope you are intrigued enough to read the book because I really want to get this book in your hands. Yes, you can buy it on Amazon for $24.95,


I'll ship you an autographed one for only $7.95. You read that right, seven dollars and ninety five cents total. GET THE BOOK HERE.

You don't have to thank me until you double your profit. I'll be expecting it.

To your success,

Eddy Hill

P.S. These powerful ingredients to the PROSPER Formula has never been released to the public. We charge $3500-$5000 a month to implement these tactics for our clients to double their profit. You can get the entire formula in a physical or digital book for less than a Venti Caramel Crunch Frappuccino with an extra shot. GET THE BOOK HERE.

Meet The Author:

Eddy Hill

“Eddy is truly a dynamic speaker and teacher. Eddy is known as the “Master of Motivation, Marketing and Mirth”. He is a natural cheerleader who inspires his audience with massive energy, humor and a message of “inspiration, motivation and perspiration”.

Eddy Hill

"Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash is King"

–Alan Miltz

About the book


How to Double Your Profit of Your Small Business in as Little as 90 days

I'm as excited as a mosquito in a nudist camp to announce the release of my newest book PROSPER Formula!

There is no better time than NOW to double your profit of your business (Bottom line is the only thing that really matters for small to medium businesses -SMB's).

Don't exactly know how to do that? NO WORRIES... This book will show you the step-by-step formula that I GUARANTEE will double you net profit in 60-90 days.

(It will move the needle day 1).

The "PROSPER Formula" is comprised of seven powerful tactical marketing and operations ingredients you can immediately implement in your business. Each ingredient builds upon the other to create a massive compounding increase in your profit.

If your small business has plateaued (or worse...dipped) and you just can’t seem to take it to the next level, you need to read this book!

Four big lessons readers will take away from this book:

1.) Mindset - Remove your head trash and align your thinking with the mega-successful. This will help you understand that there is plenty of gold to be had for all small businesses and some of it should be yours.

2.) Skillset – This book will show you the map of where the gold is hidden and how to get to it using specific tactical steps you can implement in your business to make massive improvements.

3.) Toolset – This book will show you the exact heavy pieces of machinery that will simplify your dig for the gold. Keep in mind, these are not simply shovels. They are backhoes and bulldozers.

4.) Get off Your Asset – This book will inspire you to actually implement the ingredients and grow your business.

The power of compounding tiny but relentless little improvements in seven key areas of your business will dramatically grow your profit.

I am truly passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs. I am on a mission to double the profit of 1000 businesses in the next 5 years. Would you like your business to come along for the ride?

About the author


Edward Hill is a 2X #1 Amazon international bestselling author, he’s the C.E.O./Founder of Prosperous Internet Marketing, Inc. and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and dozens of radio stations, other publications, podcasts and media. Eddy has spoken to and taught tens of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs how to massively grow their businesses. He won the prestigious "Speaker of the Year" Award twice from the International Awards and Personalization Association.


Eddy’s first book, Prosperous Christian, The 10 Commandments of Godly Prosperity, was not ONLY number #1 in Christian Living in the USA, but also #1 for Professional Growth, #1 in Personal Growth, and #1 in Entrepreneurship in the US, Canada AND Mexico! 

Eddy's 2nd book, PROSPER Formula hit #1 in 3 countries and 4 different categories.

Through his registered trademarked P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Formula program, Eddy helps his clients set up specific systems to dramatically increase your profit.

Eddy is truly passionate about helping small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Eddy is on a mission to double the profit of 1000 businesses in the next 5 years. 

Would you like your business to come along for the ride?


Top 7 Things To Discover in the PROSPER Formula Book:

  • 4- Circles to Success

  • KNTTBE The true customer journey

  • My Million Dollar Mistake: Learn The (5) Five Things To Do To Avoid Making The Same Mistake Yourself.

  • The Fastest & Easiest Way To Increase Your Profit Within 24 hours: This is just one of the 7 ways we increase your bottom line in the P.R.O.S.P.E.R Formula.

  • ​Set up Your Business For Long Term Growth & Success: We will strategically go into developing standard operating procedures that will serve you and your business for the long term.

  • ​Automated Systems: These are the cheat codes of how to increase your bottom line. 

  • ​How to Dramatically Increase the Value of Your Business: Most businesses are sold off of a multiple of their cash flow. I will show you how to dramatically increase your cashflow fast.

Does This Apply To You?

  • I need more cashflow! I need it to buy new equipment, pay my employees better, hire more employees, and/or just take it as profit because I work my tail off.

  • I’ve tried several different forms of advertising and marketing, but none has made a dramatic improvement... that I can tell.

  • ​I want a system that I can plug into my business that can verifiably grow my business, without adding a bunch more work for me.

  • ​Someday I want to sell my business, but I need to increase the value of it.

If any of this sounds like you,

you’ve come to the right place!

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